Selecting PHP command line version on HostGator shared host

This took me a while to find, so I'm saving it somewhere I can find it again.

The easy way to select the PHP version used for web applications is to use the CPanel configuration tool. However, that doesn't work if you're using SSH and need PHP on the command line. Also, on HostGator, you can't create a symlink outside of your directory (such as to the global php).

You can find out what version you have with

$ php --version

If that's not the version you want, try a specific version like this (php55 is 5.5, etc):

Disable XScreenSaver Nag Screen on Raspbian

A few days ago I started getting a popup when I restart or wake up the screen on my Raspberry Pi. It says "WARNING: This version is very old! Please upgrade!". My Google searches haven't found a concise answer for the fix for Raspbian Jessie (not sure about Wheezy), so here it is.

Book Scanning Process


Just to document this for next time. For reference, my books are 8 x 10.75 inches and other dimension below work for this. For approximately 100 pages, It takes me about 45 minutes to scan, an hour to crop and rotate, and 30 minutes to organize and generate the PDF.

Setting up the hotfolder module on Drupal

I use the hotfolder module to process the sermons we record every week. I wrote the recording software, so I was able to add the features I needed for this to work. Basically, after recording, the software uploads the sermon to a certain folder on the website and then visits a web page with the cron key to initiate hotfolder processing.

Fixing features for hotfolder

Here is some documentation about the process I used to solve some issues with hotfolder and the features module. I was doing this partly through the web interface and partly through a console, so this is a reconstruction of what I remember and the console log. 


I was getting the following error message when I tried to check hotfolder watches (see

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$field_watch_config_scheme


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