Die Fly: Designing a better fly swatter

I was looking through some of my old stuff for something and ran across this gem. If you need to put together a quick flyswatter, try this one I designed for a class in college (the famous Rube Goldberg project).

Here are a few excerpts from the attached PDF. If this doesn't convince you to build one (perhaps with several improvements as noted in the document), I don't know what will.

This design performed many efficient and labor saving operations. The large number of these events combined with the effort each one saves demonstrates that the fortunate user will gain much leisure time by using this device.... 

This Apparatus was built on three pallets for modularization and convenient setup.

The Fly Swatting Machine was product tested with the above listed events. The Machine was immediately praised by local authorities and nominated for the “Protector of Human Kind From Flies” award.

Schematic of Sequence Diagram of Setup  Drew Keller and Ethan Cooper set up the fly swatter

Project members Drew Keller and Phil Harms demonstrate the fly swatter.Live demonstration of the fly swatter. Incineration of the fly also melted the final stage