Fonty FontBag: A handy font manager

Fonty aims to make it easier to select fonts for use in art projects, presentations, documents, etc.

Converting version control repositories from Bazaar to Git (bzr to git)

Bazaar is great on Windows. Several years later, git's tools for Windows still.... (ahem) are lacking or too commercial. However, official development on it has ended and git is so much more popular now. So I think the time has come to convert all my beloved bzr repositories to git.

First we need note some prerequisites:

LibreOffice Script: Export to PDF or PowerPoint

Easily export a LibreOffice file to PDF or PowerPoint using this extension.

Detecting MouseEnter and MouseLeave in a control that has lots of children controls (.Net)

Seems like I have been through this before. What I want to do is hide and show something, depending on whether the mouse is inside of a certain area. For instance, I have a container of some sort with lots of controls on it. When the mouse is anywhere inside of the container, I want a link to be visible. I can't simply use the MouseEnter/MouseLeave events on the container, because MouseLeave is triggered when the mouse enters a child control and the MouseEventArgs don't say anything about what control is being entered.


The timer can count up from a time in the past or count down towards a time in the future.

The timer's appearance and the format of the time (and text) is very configurable. You can hide it's border, it's background, set the color and glow effects.

Software for graphics and slideshow projects

All of this stuff is freeware.

Graphics Projects

For image viewing and very simple editing (such as cropping, scaling, rotating, etc)

For raster artwork/editing. Like Microsoft Paint on super steroids.
It does have some vector editing tools.

Calculator Converter

This is a calculator that is similar to the XP PowerToy calculator, but with additional features.

Sound Recorder

This is a simple recorder that records directly to an MP3 file. Recording can be paused and resumed.

The recording window has a compact mode and can be set to stay on top of other windows, so it can be out of the way, yet still visible.

When done recording, you can playback the recording or upload the file to an FTP site.



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