Vector graphics in Word 2010

I've been using Word 2003 for quite some time. The only vector graphics it was able to use (practically speaking) was EPS. I recently upgraded to 2010. I found out that things are even worse now. I am pretty much stuck with raster graphics. EPS files only output the raster preview instead of the vector artwork, even if the file doesn't contain a preview. It imports PDFs, but only as a raster.

For embedding images in the file, make sure this setting is set correctly: File > Options > Advanced > Image Size and Quality. Check "Do not compress images in file". If this is checked, Word downsamples the image to 96, 150, or 220dpi (as you select).


The best method for using graphics seems to be:
 - Save the artwork as a PNG at 300dpi
   Lower dpi settings create a larger PDF file. Higher dpi settings cause weird issues with my PDF printer.
   Adobe Illustrator has a File > Save for Microsoft Office option, which outputs a 150dpi PNG.
 - Print the file via a PDF printer
   Word's built-in PDF export is ok for draft quality, but the output for images is not good.
   Some images are affected by this more than others (larger images more affected?)