Calculator Converter

This is a calculator that is similar to the XP PowerToy calculator, but with additional features.

  • Conversion mode: Easily convert between different types of units, say inches to centimeters or teaspoons to tablespoons.
  • Expressions mode: Enter an arbitrary number of expressions and then a formula at the bottom that uses the expressions to produce output. This makes it easy to change the values of the inputs without having to rewrite the whole formula. For example (this is the pythagorean theorum): 
   Expr1=    1
   Expr2=    2
   Formula:  Sqrt(Expr1^2 + Expr2^2)
  • The entry can accept variable assignments and use them in the calculation. Example: a=1; b=2; a + b + a^2 + b^2 outputs 8
  • When entering a calculation, the immediate result is displayed at the bottom. When you hit enter, the entry and the result are added to the history, so you don't lose previous work.
  • Results can be in decimals, hexadecimals, or binary. Numbers can also be entered in these using prefixes of "0x" for hex or "0b" for binary.
  • Results are formatted for easy reading, by grouping digits. For example: 10000+1/128 outputs 10,000. 007 812 5