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Disable XScreenSaver Nag Screen on Raspbian

A few days ago I started getting a popup when I restart or wake up the screen on my Raspberry Pi. It says "WARNING: This version is very old! Please upgrade!". My Google searches haven't found a concise answer for the fix for Raspbian Jessie (not sure about Wheezy), so here it is.

Using the same microSD card on Raspberry Pi Model B/B+ and 2.0


I have several of the original Model B and B+. I also have one 2.0. I would like to use the same cards on all of my Pis, because who wants to keep track of which card is for which unit? Not me.

First, I read this article and mine was already up-to-date with everything mentioned.

GIMP for Kids


My daughter likes to draw on the computer. I don't remember exactly how it started, but she draws in GIMP using my Genius pen tablet, on my secondary monitor. I used to have Linux running in a VirtualBox with GIMP running on my second monitor for her, but VB doesn't completely work in Windows 10 yet. A while back I tried running GIMP on one of my Raspberry Pi's but it was just too sluggish to be useful, frustratingly slow for a (then) 3-year-old. It runs much better on a Raspberry Pi 2. It still lags if she goes crazy with a big brush, but it works.

Adding a hardware clock to Raspberry Pi (DS3231)

The popular clock module is uses the DS1307 real time clock chip, which is not very precise. For just a few dollars more, you can get a module with a much more precise DS3231 RTC chip. The one I got was SunFounder's module from Amazon for $9 (free shipping for Prime). It plugs right onto the Raspberry Pi's 40 pin header and doesn't even interfere with the plastic case I have. I have a Model B, but this module should also work on Model A and Model B+. The instructions refer to DS1307, but the chips use the same I2C commands, so it also works for DS3231.

How to run a PiPresents show when you don't have a Raspberry Pi

PiPresents is some pretty cool software that will run a PowerPoint-like presentation. But with lots more flexibility. It was originally written for the Raspberry Pi.

However.... perhaps someone else has your Pi. Perhaps you don't even have one. It is possible to run a PiPresents show on  your good ol' desktop computer (Windows, Linux, or Mac). Here's how.

Reading and Writing Disk Images for Raspberry Pi

(What is a Raspberry Pi? It's an inexpensive minicomputer, popular with hobbyists and educators.)

After doing several saving and restoring several images, I have found tools and a method that I'm happy with. I am using these with Raspbian, but they would work with other flavors, too.

How to Run Different PiPresents Shows on Different Days of the Week

A PiPresents pipresents.wordpress.com/ show (we're talking about a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian) can be set to end at a time of day, but it does not have a way to set a day of the week. I have created a workaround for this using the standard Linux cron scheduler and some bash scripts.


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