Queso Fundido in 4 ingredients (vegetarian)

Here's a pretty simple thing I threw together with leftover bits, but it would be worthy of actually planning for it. The ones you see in restaraunts usually have chorizo in them, but a) I don't currently have any leftover chorizo, and b) who wants to mess around with cooking for a midnight snack?

Raspberry-Vanilla Pudding

We have a picnic on July 4 where we are supposed to bring a dish. An hour before the picnic... what should we bring? We have lots of fresh-picked raspberries and that vanilla pudding I got last week. After a few minutes of Google-searching for things that use those two ingredients (no results, except for baked items and stuff of the wrong kind), I am going to make my own recipe for this.

Raspberry Lemonade


Who needs a recipe?

Raspberries: crush.
Lemonade: pour.



Five Crunch Mix

Five different textures of crunch for a delightful and versatile snack that doesn't leave your taste buds feeling like you drank an ocean of saltwater.
Shake together in a container (or snack bag) in the desired proportions....
  • honey nut cheerios
  • pretzels (thin style, broken in pieces)
  • unsalted peanuts
  • Spanish peanuts
  • banana chips
  • raisins
I usually go heavy on the cheerios.


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