Detecting MouseEnter and MouseLeave in a control that has lots of children controls (.Net)

Seems like I have been through this before. What I want to do is hide and show something, depending on whether the mouse is inside of a certain area. For instance, I have a container of some sort with lots of controls on it. When the mouse is anywhere inside of the container, I want a link to be visible. I can't simply use the MouseEnter/MouseLeave events on the container, because MouseLeave is triggered when the mouse enters a child control and the MouseEventArgs don't say anything about what control is being entered.

Say Goodbye to Windows 8's Start Screen


All of the people I've talked to who don't like Windows 8, don't like it because of the new start screen. You know, the tiled "apps" screen. A.K.A. "Metro" screen.

Maybe that sort of thing makes sense on a touchscreen device. Not on a desktop computer or standard laptop.

This free software brings back your start menu, like in Windows 7: ClassicShell. If you set it to start in desktop mode, you can say goodbye to the start screen! Here's how.

Installing GBridge on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10


Just because I don't want to have to look this up again. Windows 8's driver signing enforcement prevents installing GBridge's network drivers. I posted how to work around that on forums when I was testing the Windows 8 preview, but their forum is offline now.

Windows 8

This method works for Professional or Home versions.

Increasing the number of "Add to VLC playlist" items


Starting with Windows 7, Windows limits the number of items that can be opened simultaneously. Refer to Microsoft's article Context menus are shortened when more than 15 files are selected.

RocketDock with multiple bars\docks

It seems there is plenty of interest about how to make RocketDock work with two or more docks or bars. Most answers say to use additional docking programs--one for each dock you want. Or use a commercial program that offers multiple docks. I think RocketDock is excellent except I want more than one. I finally figured out how to do it!

Let's first point out that RD is licensed under the Creative Commons license and it explicitly says "You are free... to Remix--to adapt the work." And also to redistribute.

Vector graphics in Word 2010

I've been using Word 2003 for quite some time. The only vector graphics it was able to use (practically speaking) was EPS. I recently upgraded to 2010. I found out that things are even worse now. I am pretty much stuck with raster graphics. EPS files only output the raster preview instead of the vector artwork, even if the file doesn't contain a preview. It imports PDFs, but only as a raster.


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